Renting your IT infrastructure helps you scale up while it’s economical on the pocket. At Aashapura Computers, we cater to all kinds and levels of requirements and work around a solution that suits your business needs best. We provide all major brands of desktop, laptops, servers, and workstations available on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.



Why Rent?

  • FREE UP CAPITAL : Your Return on Capital will be far greater if you invest it elsewhere rather than on high depreciating equipment. Renting your IT equipment helps you free up your capital and put it to better use, in turn reducing your debt burden, if any.
  • FLEXIBILITY : Scaling up or scaling down becomes much easier, and at zero additional cost, or loss. Just a simple phone call, or an email and the job is done. To adapt to the fast paced, rapidly changing scenarios we face in this time and age, renting becomes a convenient option.
  • TECHNOLOGY ADAPTATION : Technology, as we know, is changing at a very rapid pace and it’s only expected to move faster. These evolving circumstances highly demand change and become the defining factors in helping internal processes become faster. Given this scenario, the Technology Refresh Rate is becoming shorter. Renting lets your business stay up-to-date.
  • SIMPLIFICATION OF YOUR IT PROCESS : Renting frees you from procuring and maintaining Service Packs, or entering into different Service Level Agreements with different vendors for various products used by you or your organization.
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